With Hilltop your tree arrives fresher!

Hilltop Tree Farms use only the most recently harvested, best quality Balsam or Fraser Fir for their Christmas trees. We want to ensure you receive the freshest product available, so all our trees are harvested to order and generally shipped the next day in our specially designed boxes which retain natural moisture and allow your fragrant tree (and wreath) to breathe.

Better needle retention

General thoughts when considering buying a real Christmas tree is that as the tree dries out, it will lose its needles and make a mess. Due to the nature of Hilltop’s selected tree species and the freshness of our trees, the needles are retained on the tree for longer. Not only does the Christmas tree look better, but cleaning up any loose needles is a lot less hassle which is especially good if you have pets or young children!

Better Aroma

You just can’t beat that unmistakable smell of Christmas when you walk into a room with a real Christmas tree in it. Hilltop’s Christmas trees arrive to your door full of aroma when you get your fresh-cut Christmas tree delivered and throughout the Christmas season.

Kinder on the environment

Artificial trees are generally made of harmful plastics (PVC) and metals (like lead), so when they become part of the landfill that is how they stay – which is not good news for the environment. Real Christmas trees are a renewable and recyclable resource unlike its fake alternatives. Real Christmas trees are natural, bio-degradable with no harmful materials – and kinder on the environment.

Supporting a natural habitat

Christmas trees play an important role in providing a natural habitat providing refuge for birds and other wildlife, as well as providing a scenic green belt, before they are harvested and delivered to your door. Christmas tree lots regenerate naturally. They are never clear-cut. For every tree harvested – 3 new saplings are planted.

Helping the environment

Christmas trees release oxygen and retain carbon dioxide. Wood is made from carbon and captures it until it rots or is burnt. Every acre of planted Christmas trees produces enough daily oxygen for 18 people. Before your Hilltop Christmas tree is delivered, it has already made an impact on the environment

Helping local Christmas tree farmers

Hilltop is committed to providing local farmers with the best prices for trees possible. This means that local farmers get to keep more $’s in their pockets for their trees when they are delivered than if they sold to many of the larger retailers.

Because we care!

At Hilltop, we are passionate about growing quality Christmas trees. We want to see the Christmas tree industry keep on growing. When you purchase a real live Christmas tree, you are supporting local growers and farmers. In turn, we are committed to our clients to provide the very best Christmas trees delivered to your door.