5 Quick Steps to Order your Christmas Tree

Step 1 - Choose Tree Siize

Christmas Tree Size

How to choose the correct height

Probably the most important decision when choosing a delivered Christmas Tree from Hilltop Farms is choosing the correct height.  The most beautiful Fir in the world isn’t going to look very good if it’s stuck in the back yard because it’s too tall to fit in your house!

Just keep in mind when choosing the height of your Christmas Tree that you will need an extra foot to accommodate your tree stand and your Tree Topper of choice.  So if you have an 8 foot ceiling to play with then you’ll be looking to get a 7 foot tree.

Please also take into account the space that your tree will occupy, a general rule of thumb is that your tree will be around half as wide as it is tall.

Cut Tree Sizes

When cutting your tree we will try to cut it as close to the specified height as possible but Christmas Trees are a living, natural product and therefore variations will occur.  Our intention is to always cut your tree to within 2 inches of the selected height while never exceeding the stated height.

In all cases your tree will be within the following height ranges:-

Tree Size Ordered       Actual Cut Size

6 ft Tree                                  5.5 ft – 6 ft

7 ft Tree                                  6.5 ft – 7 ft

8 ft Tree                                  7.5 ft – 8 ft

Actual cut size is from the base of the trunk to the top of the leader.