Our Story

With our mission to “Offer customers a hassle free, reliable service, producing the freshest trees available” we endeavor to offer our customers what they want from both ourselves and local farmers. 

Hilltop was founded by Adam Stone and has been producing quality Christmas trees from its farms for retailers located both within the U.S. and Canada for a number of years. Since the company was founded, Hilltop has grown steadily over the years through its reputation and commitment to deliver the very best quality fresh cut Christmas trees for its customers.

Nowadays not only does Hilltop produce Christmas trees from our own farm sites, but we also work closely with other local farmers within the U.S. and Canada through our ties with both the regional and National Christmas Tree Growers Associations. Because of our commitment to helping other local tree farmers through our “Fair Farming” policy, we purchase locally grown trees that meet or exceed our own quality inspections at above average prices from farmers that work with us, benefiting both local growers and our customers.

10% Off when your pre-order your Christmas tree online.

Choose your Christmas tree type and size in a few simple clicks, fill in your payment and delivery details. In approximately 5-7 days your tree will be delivered!  Order before November 1st for a 10% discount.

Adam Stone from hilltop christmas tree delivery

Adam Stone has over 20 years experience within the industry, standing as both President of both National and regional Christmas Tree Associations. Adam’s wealth of knowledge makes him a leading authority within the industry.