Conduct a freshness test

Hilltop tip: Pull the needles of a branch between your thumb and forefinger. If the tree is fresh, the needles should be hard to pull off the branches. No more than 5-10 needles should come off in your hand. Hilltop’s trees are cut to order, so our Christmas trees arrive fresher than most when they are delivered to your door.

Keep your tree stored in a cool place

Hilltop tip: Once your tree has been delivered and before you display your tree in its chosen location, you want to keep it in a well ventilated, cool area (like a garage or shed) out of the rain, wind and/or freezing temperatures. This will help keep the tree at its freshest before displaying it in your home.

Make sure your have adequate water

Hilltop recommends: Before you display your Christmas tree in its stand, make sure that the stand can hold at least a gallon (4 liters) or more of water, as well as the tree stump. Avoid shallow, small stands that will empty more quickly. Be sure that the stand is firmly situated and level so that it will not tip or spill water.

Christmas tree preperation

Hilltop recommends: Once your Hilltop tree has been delivered it’s important to make a cut across the bottom, removing an inch to an inch and a half off the tree base. Once it is cut, the sap in the tree will start sealing over the base and this will hinder its ability to absorb water. Once done and as soon as possible, get the tree into its water stand.

Water your Christmas tree with warm water!

Hilltop recommends: The first water you use to fill your tree stand should be warm to hot (not boiling!). This allows the sap to move more freely around the tree and will keep your tree green, fresh and alive longer.

Keep watering throughout

Hilltop recommends: Check the water level in the tree’s stand at least twice a day – in the morning and evening topping it up whenever needed. Your Christmas tree can drink a lot of water and its drinking needs can change from day to day. This will help keep your tree green, aromatic and its needle retention for longer.

Use a tree disposal bag

Hilltop tip: Use a disposal bag as a tree skirt when setting up your Hilltop tree in its chosen location. Then, when you are ready to take down your Christmas tree in the New Year, you can simply pull the bag up around the tree, tie it off and dispose of the tree with little to no mess.


Hilltop tip: Your Hilltop Christmas tree is 100% recyclable and reusable. It makes excellent garden mulch over perennial beds and even fish can benefit! A sunken Christmas tree in a large pond provides cover for smaller fish. Many municipalities offer a recycling service for old Christmas trees.

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