Choosing your Christmas Wreath

At Hilltop, we know that nothing gives a warmer welcome to your home at Christmas-time like a luxurious, hand-made traditional wreath. You may prefer to dress your Holiday-door with a classic, fragrant Balsam wreath, or a decadent Double-Mix wreath (combination of heady Pine and Cedar tips). They are simply elegant as just they are, fresh out of the box and just perfect for you to decorate yourself.

Hand-crafting beautiful wreaths is at the heart of what we do at Hilltop. Take the stress out of Christmas and explore the options available in our decorated wreath selection. Choose your wreath, select a style and decide on your decorations. Our team will work their magic to create your own perfect wreath and deliver it direct to your door.

All of our wreaths, whether plain or decorated, are available as Balsam or Double-Mix (cedar and Pine). They also come in a variety of sizes, apart from the standard 24” diameter (finished size) we offer 28” and 32” wreaths too – simply order from our shop online and your stunning Christmas wreath will be delivered to your door within 3-7 business days. You can choose the species and size on the product pages.

Please note: The finished wreath may vary slightly than indicated in photos as they are individually made and no two will be exactly the same.

Wreath Delivery

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms offers nationwide delivery of Christmas wreaths in a number of styles across the continental United States of America and Canada. Our wreaths are either plain fresh Balsam or a Double-Mix using fresh Cedar and Pine tips harvested prior to wreath making.

Customers can buy their wreaths online and Hilltop will mail your wreath directly to your door in a specialized box designed to retain moisture whilst letting your wreath breath.

All wreaths arrive via mail order delivered by UPS within 3 to 7 working days of shipping and you can choose your shipping date at checkout so you can get Wreath you want, when you want it.

Tabletop Christmas Trees

Why not choose to send a loved one a miniature Christmas tree. Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms produces fresh Fraser tabletop Christmas trees between 3 ft and 4 ft in height.

Our table top Christmas trees are ideal for Children’s bedrooms, office work spaces, and shop counter displays. Customers can order their Tabletop Christmas trees from Hilltop online and will receive their tree in the mail delivered by UPS.

All our tabletop Christmas trees receive the same care as our larger trees and will arrive in specialized boxes designed to keep your Christmas trees fresher for longer.