Christmas Tree Delivery

Why Choose Hilltop…

Apart from the convenience of having your Christmas tree delivered to your door by Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms, we only harvest your Christmas tree to meet your individual order.  This means that unlike others, Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms’ freshly delivered trees remain fresher for longer.

Getting your Christmas tree delivered from Hilltop means:

  • Better needle retention
  • Your Christmas tree is more aromatic
  • Your tree looks and feels better for longer
Mail Order Christmas Trees

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A Fresher Christmas Tree!

Hilltop only harvests your tree once we have received your order, generally 1 day before shipping. This means that your Christmas tree arrives at your door fresher than most shop bought Christmas trees which will have been harvested as early as September. The result is Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms Christmas trees stay fresher and last longer than many shop bought Christmas trees. When you buy your Christmas tree online from Hilltop we will deliver a tree that has better needle retention and will stay fresher and more aromatic for longer than many shop bought Christmas trees. To start, simply choose the size of tree you want from our selection of fresh, farm produced Fraser or Balsam Christmas trees (two of the most popular varieties sold within North America).

Mail Order Wreath Delivery

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms also offer mail order freshly hand-made Christmas wreaths. Choose from our two styles and add a decoration of your choice, and we will deliver your wreath directly to your door generally within 3 to 7 working days. At Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms our wreaths are hand-made from the freshest real Fraser fir tips and are hand-picked with only the highest quality selected. Alongside our freshly delivered Christmas wreaths, Hilltop can also deliver “Tabletop” Christmas trees that range in height from between 3-4 foot tall and are ideally suited for children’s bedrooms, office work spaces and shop counter displays. Our Tabletop Christmas trees come complete in their own stands ready to display, straight out of the box.

Environmentally Friendly

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms produce REAL natural Fraser and Balsam Christmas trees. Unlike many imported plastic trees, real Christmas trees are natural products and do not contain lead. Fake trees degrade after time and it is widely recognized that their dust may contain traces of lead, which can be harmful to children, pets and the environment. Fake, artificial Christmas trees also cause environmental problems when they are disposed of. At Hilltop we plant our Christmas trees on our own farms. Our Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen until they are harvested.  When you buy a real Christmas tree you are helping the environment and increasing the quality of the air that we breath.

Fast Delivery

At Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms we harvest our trees generally 1 day before shipping. Dependent on your location within the United States or Canada we will normally deliver you the freshest possible Christmas tree, wreath, or “Tabletop” tree within 3 to 7 working days. All Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms products, such as Christmas trees, wreaths and “Tabletop” trees arrive in specialized packaging that has been specifically designed in order to allow our Christmas trees and wreaths to breath, whilst also retaining moisture. This keeps Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms products as fresh as possible until they arrive at your door.

Hilltop will deliver your FRESH farm grown Christmas tree straight to your door, wherever you are located in the United States or Canada!

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms can deliver a fresh Christmas tree throughout the United States or Canada. From New York to Vancouver our Christmas trees will arrive fresh, healthy and delivered directly to your door.