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2016/12/12 00:00:00
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What they’re saying…

  • Hello:

    Just wanted to say that our tree arrived last night and is very fresh, and went straight into its big water stand (Omega) (I cut off the bottom bit of the trunk).  We are already enjoying it.  Over the next few days we will move it to pride of place and decorate.  Thanks so much.  You really do have a great service.

    Sarah A. of Toronto
  • …..Thank you; I really appreciate it! Not only are you quick to respond but also with a larger discount than expected. Incredible service!

    Nicole. T of San Francisco
  • Hello,
    We live in the middle of nowhere, so finding a big tree is difficult. We’d previously gone through organizations in town to order trees but we’re unsatisfied with the result. This year we did a G***** search and found Hilltop tree delivery. While we would have loved a 10ft tree, the price was right and we we’re excited to schedule the delivery for the day after thanksgiving. The tree arrived on time and is perfect for our Holiday centerpiece.
    Merry Christmas,

    Nicole of Texas
  • “One of the coolest things we’ve ever done”

    We moved to Marina del Rey California in the middle of 2015. As December was approaching we were sitting at the beach talking about how we never have had a real tree for Christmas. So right then and there we Google “best Christmas tree delivery company” and the 1st one to pop up was Hilltop Tree Delivery and the rest was history.

    I know the email said to add a picture and not pictures. We just wanted you to see how wonderful this experience was. Thanks The D.

    David & Stephen D. of California
  • My name is Leanne C. and I love a real Christmas Tree. Trouble is we often travel during the holidays. But this year we weren’t and I was excited to get a real tree. As we live in the city (Boston) it’s hard to find quality trees that weren’t cut too soon and don’t last. We found Hilltop thanks to G******, and are thrilled with our tree that was delivered to our door.

    Leanne C. from Boston
  • Top FIVE reasons “HILLTOP” is awesome:
    5) It’s a little “piece of home” from my husband’s native country (Canada <3) 4) The tree arrives at your door by FED EX! 3) The tree is harvested literally right before shipping! 2) Personal customer email service (thank you April for reminding me that November 26th was a holiday and no FED EX on that date) #1 reason that HILLTOP is awesome) The tree smells sooooo amazing

    Renee R. of Orlando, Florida

Christmas Tree Delivery

Why Choose Hilltop…

Apart from the convenience of having your Christmas tree delivered to your door by Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms, we only harvest your Christmas tree to meet your individual order.  This means that unlike others, Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms’ freshly delivered trees remain fresher for longer.

Getting your Christmas tree delivered from Hilltop means:

  • Better needle retention
  • Your Christmas tree is more aromatic
  • Your tree looks and feels better for longer
Mail Order Christmas Trees

A Fresher Christmas Tree!

Hilltop Tree Farms use only the most recently harvested, best quality Balsam or Fraser Fir (between 5ft-8ft tall) for their Christmas trees. We want to ensure you receive the freshest product available, so all our trees are harvested to order and shipped in our specially designed boxes which retain natural moisture and allow your fragrant tree to breathe. Trees are shipped directly from Hilltop anywhere within the continental United States of America and Canada, via mail order delivered by UPS, usually within 3-7 business days.

Hilltop can also deliver Tabletop Christmas trees (between 3-4 foot tall) that are ideally suited for children’s bedrooms, office/work spaces and shop counter displays. Our Tabletop Christmas trees come complete in their own stands ready to display, straight out of the box.

Mail Order Wreath Delivery

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms offer luxurious hand-made traditional Christmas wreaths which you can add to your shopping cart and have delivered to your door at the same time as your Christmas tree (and save on postage costs). There are two options available: the classically-fragrant real Balsam Fir wreaths and our decadent Double-Mix wreaths (combination of heady Pine and Cedar tips). Hilltop wreaths are hand-picked with only the highest quality selected. Choose a plain wreath to add your own touches or browse our wide selection of elegantly decorated wreaths. Hilltop also has traditional Kissing Balls and Garlands available, with options of plain or decorated, to add those finishing Christmas touches to ready your home for the holiday season.


Environmentally Friendly

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms’ Christmas trees are an extremely friendly farm crop, both to our environment and to people and animals. As a long term crop, the trees allow a natural buildup of bird and animal populations. Tree farms provide stable refuge and feeding areas for wildlife, as well as providing scenic green belts. At Hilltop we plant our Christmas trees on our own farms. Unlike many imported plastic trees, real Christmas trees are natural products and do not contain lead which can be harmful to children, pets and the environment. Real Christmas trees are a renewable and recyclable resource unlike its fake alternatives. Our Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen until they are harvested.  When you buy a real Christmas tree you are helping the environment and increasing the quality of the air that we breath.

Fast Delivery

At Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms we harvest your trees once you have placed your order via our shop online, phone or email and generally one day before shipping. Our aim is to deliver you the freshest Christmas tree possible. Dependent on your location within the United States or Canada we will normally deliver your Christmas tree, wreath, kissing ball, garland and/or Tabletop tree within 3 to 7 working days. Hilltop ensures your products arrive in top condition with its specialized packaging that has been specifically designed in order to allow our Christmas trees and other products to breath, whilst also retaining moisture. This keeps Hilltop’s products as fresh as possible until they arrive at your door.

Hilltop will deliver your FRESH farm grown Christmas tree straight to your door, wherever you are located in the United States or Canada!

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms can deliver a fresh Christmas tree throughout the United States or Canada. From New York to Vancouver our Christmas trees will arrive fresh, healthy and delivered directly to your door.